Kanslisekreterare - Nytt

Arbetsgivare: Bromma församling
Sista ansökan: 2014-09-26
Placeringsort: Bromma
Kontaktperson: Anne-Louise Löfgren Tel: 0761-28 55 10 anne-louise.lofgren@svenskakyrkan.se
Publicerad: Idag 11:25

Bromma församling i västra Stockholm är en expansiv församling med en omfattande inflyttning och en bred verksamhet varför vi behöver fler medarbetare. Därför söker vi en Kanslisekreterare till en nyinrättad tjänst! Du kommer att arbeta nära Kyrkoherde och Kanslichef med Kanslichefen som arbetsledare.

Dina huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifter innefattar protokollskrivande och protokollshantering, handläggning av avtalsfrågor, policydokument, arkivfrågor och inventarieförteckningar.
För tjänsten krävs att du är noggrann, strukturerad, flexibel och van att uttrycka dig i skrift. Du har en grundläggande erfarenhet/administrativ kompetens från kommunal eller kyrklig förvaltning, gärna med relevant högskoleexamen.

Vi förutsätter att du delar Svenska Kyrkans värderingar.

Tillträde sker efter överenskommelse.

Senast den 26/9 vill vi ha din ansökan med CV, löneanspråk och referenser.
Mer information lämnas av Kanslichef Anne-Louise Löfgren, 0761 28 55 10, anne-louise.lofgren@svenskakyrkan.se

Skicka ansökan till Bromma församling, Box 45, 161 26 Bromma eller e-post: bromma.forsamling@svenskakyrkan.se
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Välkommen med din ansökan!


Executive Secretary

Arbetsgivare: County Council of Norrbotten and Region Västerbotten
Sista ansökan: 2014-09-14
Placeringsort: Brussels
Kontaktperson: Anna Lindberg Tel: 070-368 81 41 Anna.lindberg@nll.se
Kontaktperson: Fredrik Gunnarsson Tel: 070-325 57 17 fredrik.gunnarsson@regionvasterbotten.se
Publicerad: 21 augusti

About the work place
County Council of Norrbotten and Region Västerbotten are jointly searching for a Baltic Sea Commission Executive Secretary for the years 2015-2016. The work place will be co-located with our shared Brussels office, North Sweden European Office.

The Baltic Sea Commission is one of six geographical commissions within the CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions). CPMR is a European network consisting of approx. 160 regions in Europe, focusing on EUs cohesion policy, maritime policy and internal market.

Members in the Baltic Sea Commission (BSC) are regions in the Baltic Sea states. The commission is led by a political elected executive committee. The cooperation between the executive committee, especially its president, and you as executive secretary are essential for the commission’s work.

Norrbotten and Västerbotten
Norrbotten and Västerbotten are in strong development, both economically and culturally. It has powerful and warm people, concern and community services, cities and wilderness. The region offers good opportunities to balance work and leisure. Northern Sweden has a large capital in people and knowledge and physical capital in resources both which are demanded by Europe and the world. In the region there are three universities, high-tech industries, a strong performance in cultural and creative industries and a growing tourism. 2014 Umeå is Europe’s capital of culture.

County Council of Norrbotten
The County Council is Norrbottens largest employer. As an employee of the council you will work in a stimulating environment where you can exercise influence and make a difference. County Council promotes diversity, equality opportunities in a diverse county with several national minority groups and people from all over the world. We value the qualities that men and women of different ages with different life experiences, religious, cultural and linguistic backgrounds contribute in our work.

Your responsibilities
The executive secretary's role is on behalf of the president, executive committee and the general assembly implement the work plan. The assignment involves continuous networking and collaboration with public authorities, private actors and non-governmental organizations within the Baltic Sea region as well as with EU funding programs.

The position also entails active policy watch on issues of relevance for the Baltic Sea region and the BSC member regions. In the European arena it means constant contact and consultation with various stakeholders such as the European Commission, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions and state representatives.

The assignment requires good administrative skills. Coordination of short and long-term planning and implementation of various activities such as conferences are common tasks. You will also be working to provide data, technical reports and project applications.

Your qualifications
In order to adequately fulfil these duties, you should possess higher education qualifications in one of the following areas: Europe, law, regional economy, international affairs, political science, geography or regional development.

Because the position places great demands on leadership and initiative as well as determination we want you to have solid experience of managing development within public authority or organization. Knowledge or experience of EU policies, regional development and multi-level governance are highly meritorious.

Besides professional English skills in speaking and writing, you should master at least one of the following languages: Swedish, Finnish or German.

As executive secretary you are expected to be perceptive, have distinctive teamwork skills, teaching skills and high integrity. You should have the ability to weigh the various interests against an overall view and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Emphasis will be placed on personal suitability.

Employment facts
The position is on a fixed term for the years 2015-2016 on full time basis, with start on 1 January 2015. Placement in Brussels with frequent trips to Norrbotten and Västerbotten, as well as other Baltic Sea Regions are given conditions for the position.

County Council of Norrbotten and Region Västerbotten are both responsible authorities for the position. The formal employer is the County Council of Norrbotten.